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'Made of Steel' | Extended interview with Dr Adam Fowler and Dr Jonathan Parkinson on 60 Minutes

EXTENDED INTERVIEW via 60 Minutes: Watch an extended interview with Dr Adam Fowler and Dr Jonathan Parkinson who discuss Liam Knight's operation to remove the steel rod from his skull.

Craniofacial chat: Meet Dr. Adam Fowler, Neurosurgeon

Dr. Adam Fowler, Neurosurgeon for the Craniofacial Clinic at The Children's Hospital at Westmead gives insight into the importance of his role.



Flynn's amazing recovery after trail bike hit-and-run at Lisarow

THE family of a critically injured Niagara Park schoolboy — who has made a miraculous recovery following a trail bike hit-and-run — has appealed to the person who mowed down their “good little kid” to hand themselves in.

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Liam Knight thanks doctor who saved his life 

AN 18th birthday party is a special occasion for any young person, but Liam Knight's was just that little bit more special than most.  Not only was the teen celebrating his miracle survival, seven months after a metal pole impaled his skull at another 18th party, but he met for the first time the surgeon who saved his life.

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